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Smart Parking Benefits


Enables motorists to quickly find and guide them to a parking spot closest to their destination, thereby saving valuable time and fuel. Motorists can pre-book parking spaces and pay for their usage via mobile apps, thereby enabling touchless parking.

Governments/Car Park Operators

Governments can improve enforcement and identification of violators, benefit from dynamic pricing and accurate billing. Car park operators, landowners and city/government councils can leverage real-time data available on parking utilization to provide optimum parking tariffs.

Touchless Parking

Traditional parking approach enforces motorists to touch parking meters for recording time-ins and time-outs as well as billing payments.  TEKZIPARK’s vehicle detection and identification enables touchless parking for motorists and government or corporate entities. Enhanced user experience!

Parking Guidance

Indoor parking sensor, best suited for shopping malls, office parkings, helps guide motorists to the nearest available parking spot by means of indicator lights that are visible from a distance. TEKZIASSIST delivers this much needed feature along with basic occupancy data.

Deep Dives

Setting up downlink for TEKZIPARK

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Installing and testing TEKZIPARK

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TEKZIPARK integrates RADAR detection

TEKZITEL now integrates RADAR technology for detecting the availability of parking spaces into TEKZIPARK. This has been aimed towards meeting...
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What is LoraWan?

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Why Smart Parking?

Background Vehicle presence detection sensor technology enables you to manage your facilities efficiently with real-time, individual vehicle, individual space data. Smart...
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