Smart Parking Background and Solution

Vehicle presence detection sensor technology enables you to manage your facilities efficiently with real-time, individual vehicle, individual space data. 

Smart Parking is one of the most adopted and fastest growing Smart City Solutions across the world, when used, improves visibility for drivers and parking enforcement officers. More so, it allows organizations to become – Agile, Intelligent and Adaptive.

Introducing TEKZIPARK, the smart parking sensor built to stand the test of time, with a lifespan of up to 10 years. Integrated with dual-sensor technology to provide redundancy and enhanced accuracy. Can also identify vehicles occupying the parking spot.

The sensor enables cities to deploy a new mobility and parking experience, using technologies that reduce traffic congestion, air pollution, road risks and parking operational costs. But how?

The figure on the right is an end-to-end smart parking solution for businesses that want to take on the next evolution of parking! The solution quantum leaps the motorist’s user experience by guiding motorists from their location to an available parking space.

Using the latest blockchain technology, occupancy data from installed sensors coupled with smart desktop and mobile application provides municipalities, governments, councils with data analytics and for citizens to have the most efficient guided parking experience.

The solution features –

  • Sensor Hardware – Deployed in the parking spot to detect parking space availability.
  • LPWAN Gateway – Receives payload messages from the sensor hardware and relays the information to the network server.
  • Network Server – Acts as an intermediate between the gateway and the application server.
  • Application – Desktop and Mobile apps that customers use.

Benefits that amaze!

Cleaner Environment and Less Frustration

The more you drive, the more will be the emissions from your car, and the more polluted the environment will become. Smart parking solutions can reduce emissions by up to 30%. slots is not only a waste of time and fuel – it can be acutely stressful too.

More Fuel Savings

When parking slots are found quickly, extra driving is not required – and hence, less fuel/gas gets used up by cars. Experts from the field of IoT have estimated that this fuel-savings are likely to reach 0.22 million gallons by 2030, and a massive 0.3 million gallons by 2050.

Real-Time Data and Trend Insight

Over time, a Smart Parking Solution can produce data that uncovers correlations and trends of users and lots. These trends can prove to be invaluable to lot owners as to how to make adjustments and improvements to drivers.

Optimal Usage of Parking Spaces

In a normal parking regime, it is impossible to ensure that the parking facilities available are being efficiently utilized. Due to lack of information, some slots might remain empty – but drivers might not know about them. With the real-time information from parking sensors, that problem goes out of the window.

Greater Revenue and Pay as you use

The real-time management and intelligent decision-making capabilities help in generating more revenue. The parking meters and billing providers collaborate to notify the users about the total parking fees they have to pay. An individual will never be charged for more than what they owe.

Parking Slots Found Quickly

Researches have revealed that additional driving required for searching parking areas can be reduced by 21% – when a properly functioning Smart Parking System is in operation. The time required to find a vacant spot for parking drops by a whopping 43%.

Use Cases


Allows airport officials to view real-time occupancy levels and overstays. This means if someone is taking advantage of the free parking a warden can instantly identify which car is the culprit and direct them to move to the longer-term parking lot.

Motorists can be billed automatically leveraging the sensor’s vehicle detection technology. Motorists can then pay for their parking duration directly via a mobile app.


With no occupancy monitoring technology, government agencies have limited means to understand whether bays were being used by authorised users. This includes installing sensors in a select number of their defined use bays – both disabled and special, which relay real-time occupancy information.

Via a dashboard and alerting mechanism, this information allows government agencies to act upon violators and issue infringement notices / penalties.


Natural tendency for people to choose to go a shopping mall where they are confident of finding a parking space easily. Space availability becomes a driving factor and if this information is made available via mobile apps in real time, the choice of shopping mall to go becomes easy.

This plays a key enabler for shopping malls to attract customers. It also helps them to understand their parking space usage patterns and bring improvements in determining real estate usage, either expand or resize thereby enhancing revenues.


The ability to get real time alerts regarding overstays enables tow trucking companies to efficiently manage to direct tow trucks to the parking spot where the overstay occurred.

This eliminates the need for tow trucks to continuously be on the move to scan and find vehicles that overstay, thereby minimizing fuel consumption and time spent by tow truck drivers.


Managing parking through traditional methods: officers would patrol time-restricted areas, identifying overstays with the dated chalking method and issue infringement notices. Not only a tedious, time consuming and mundane task for parking enforcement officers but also an inefficient one as not all infringing vehicles can be identified. The vehicle detection sensors register whether each parking bay is occupied or vacant with overstay information.

Additionally the information can be fed instantaneously to mobile apps which provides drivers with real-time parking availability, guides them to free spaces and allows them to pay for the parking session straight from their smartphone device and extend their time remotely.

Data relayed live to cloud-based software tools, which collates and analyses the data and will be used by the council to understand how drivers use it's parking spaces - a vital resource in planning further improvements to parking systems.

Hardware - Sensor Nodes

Version 1






Application - Parking Hero

The Parking Hero Portal is tailor-made to fit the specific use-case & requirement of any customer!

The solution reduces parking operations, patrolling costs & has a significant turn-over rate, thus increasing parking  capacity & reduce overall cost.

The Parking Hero Portal features various critical insights that are displayed on heat maps, graphs, charts, duration, turn-over & occupancy data.

Compatible API that allows management to integrate data with websites, applications, dynamic messaging signs & any existing payment or parking systems.

The Parking Hero Portal is easy-to-use and intuitive, providing robust real-time monitoring of all parking sensors & other connected IoT devices.

Enable motorists to pay for parking contactless and easier than ever before with payments made on-the-go by credit or debit card from a smart phone (iPhone/Android). Just click a few buttons and you are done!

Real-time warnings are sent to patrol agents via the Parking Hero Application or the Patrol System.

Special street parking location(s) and availability are provided to the motorist in real-time.

Different colour codes will easily guide the motorist to street(s) that have the most availability.

The Parking Hero Application empowers motorists to reach the best and most efficient parking location(s) as fast and easily as possible.

The intelligent algorithm continuously measures and monitors street occupancy to guide motorists to an empty parking bay and keep parking revenues steady.


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