Ground vehicle detection sensor technology enables you to manage your facilities efficiently with real-time, individual vehicle, individual space data. For daily management and long-term planning. For management on-street or off-street.


  • Live, full information on each and every parking space
  • Enables overstay information
  • Enables planning for better optimization of resources
  • Best possible use of available space
  • Reduced cost overheads compared to other connectivity infrastructure


  • Magnetic technology in every vehicle detection sensor
  • Adaptive Baselining and Sampling algorithm for vehicle presence detection
  • Firmware algorithm to reject interference from vehicles in adjacent parking spots
  • BLE capability built in to enable vehicle identification
  • Customizable payload as per specific customer requirements
  • Long-life batteries for low maintenance
  • BLE capability for easy over the air (OTA) secure firmware upgrade. Device protected from imposter OTA firmware
  • Enhanced noise suppression
  • Integrates with Sigfox and other LPWAN technologies for unsurpassed information and analysis
  • Wireless for ease of installation
  • Pending Sigfox Ready certification for radiated compliance
  • Robust construction to resist environmental damages

Worldwide zone coverage

  • RCZ1 - Europe, Oman, Iran, South Africa, Tunisia, UAE
  • RCZ2 - USA/Mexico/Brazil
  • RCZ3 - Japan
  • RCZ4 - Australia/New Zealand/South East Asia/Rest of South America


Quick Start Guide for details on how to set one up for use.

How to perform a magnetic reset.

Uploading new firmware Over the Air

Samples available upon request